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Frequently asked

Can I apply for a Haven property before seeing it?

We prefer prospective residents to see the property before their application can be considered. If you live out of town and are unable to view the property in person, please call us and we can have a chat to you about your situation and determine how we can make it work for you.

If I rent a home, what are the upfront costs?

If you are successful in securing a home through Haven, you will need to pay one weeks' rent in advance before you move in. Additionally, bond is four week's rent and is lodged with the Bond Centre, who holds it in trust.

What documents should I receive before moving in?

Your Haven property manager will provide the following to you. Copy of the Tenancy Agreement. Copy of the Bond Lodgement form. Receipt for initial rent amount, lease fees, and bond funds. Copy acknowledging all access keys, codes and remote controls (if any) supplied. Emergency contact number details.

How do I pay my rent?

We will require an automatic payment to be set up for the rent. A property manager from our team will be in touch to make arrangements for your payments.

How do I report a maintenance issue?

As a resident, you should report all maintenance or other necessary repair work to Haven. We ask they you do this at the time an issue arises. Maintenance requests can be made anytime, see the ‘Need something repaired at your place? on the ‘residents’ page of the website.

How often will you inspect my property?

Haven carries out inspections at regular intervals, as required by the property owner’s insurance company. This will be discussed during your sign up appointment. As a resident, you will be sent a notification approximately one week prior to your inspection, advising you of the date and approximate time of our visit. Photographs of the property will be taken at these inspections to track the general condition of the property and of repairs and maintenance as required. A report of our visit will be sent on to the property owner.

What am I responsible for?

As a resident, you are responsible for caring for the property to a clean and tidy standard for the full term of tenancy. This includes rectifying any damage that you or your guests, children and pets may have caused – whether accidental or not. At the end of tenancy the property must be returned to us in the same condition, less fair wear and tear, as it was provided when you first moved in. It is the residents responsibility to replace any failed light bulbs, cracked or broken windows, and failed fuses, throughout the property. Residents are also responsible for cleaning heat pump filters monthly, and maintaining their gardens and lawns to an acceptable standard. Naturally, rubbish and general waste removal are your fortnightly responsibility.

What is the owner responsible for?

The owner is responsible for all necessary repairs to property, payment for rates, water charges (if on city supply) and insurance. Day to day repairs include, but are not limited to, any building faults, plumbing, electrical, heating and general maintenance.

Who looks after the swimming pool or spa pool?

This is something we can negotiate. We usually recommend that owners employ the regular services of a pool specialist and incorporate the cost into the rent. Please note all spa and swimming pools must be fully fenced by law. We recommend to all our property owners that they check with the local council to ensure the pool meets these regulations before residents move in. As a resident, you should also check out the pool, its surrounds and its equipment.

Who pays for lawn and garden care?

Generally, our residents are responsible for lawn mowing and general garden care. This can however be negotiated at the start of the tenancy. Tree trimming, weed spraying and plant removal is usually the landlord’s responsibility.

Who maintains any listed chattels?

It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure all chattels are properly maintained and in working order. However, if damage to any chattel is caused intentionally or due to negligence, then a resident may be held responsible.

Who pays for insurance?

As a resident, you are responsible for your own home contents insurance. Owners are responsible for insuring the property including any chattels. We always recommend that your own contents are fully insured. We are happy to assistant with your needs by putting you in contact with insurance specialists.

Can I change the locks?

No. You will need consent from Haven to change the locks. If it is agreed, then you will need to provide us with a set of the new keys or door code.

What should I do if I am temporarily unable to pay my rent?

The most important thing to do is to contact Haven as soon as you know about any upcoming problem with your rent payment. Our team will discuss the situation with you. Simply ignoring the problem will not make it go away and, as a last resort, may lead to commence breach and eviction proceedings.

How long is my lease?

Some tenancies are fixed term, other are periodic. The start and end dates of your lease can be found in your residency (tenancy) agreement. Most leases properties are on fixed term agreements.

Can rent go up?

In a fixed term tenancy the rent may be increased, but only if it is written into your Tenancy Agreement. Periodic tenancies can also be increased. In any instance, Haven would provide 60-days notice of the increase from the owner. Your rent cannot be increased within 12-months after the date that the last increase took place, or from the start date of the tenancy.

Can I break lease during a fixed term residency?

If you need to an early release from your fixed term tenancy, please call us direct or, alternatively, send your property manager an email. We discuss your situation with you and send you an application to complete a request for an early release from your fixed term tenancy. Once we receive a completed application, we will action it by taking it to the owner and seek their permission. If the owner agrees, we will need to find a new resident for the property. Please note that an early release from a fixed term tenancy is by mutual agreement and there may be costs associated with this.

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