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Next-generation property management.

Haven was founded with a vision to disrupt
the residential rental market by creating
a customer-centric approach to providing homes
for New Zealanders.

Changing New Zealand for the better.

We’re on a mission to democratise access to happy homes and sustainable property investments across New Zealand.

At Haven, we have brought together world-class technology and local expertise to make it simple and convenient for investors to find, finance, insure, lease, manage, and sell residential rental properties. At the same time we are helping thousands of residents to find and enjoy great homes to rent, across Auckland.

Our mission is to take care of homes and the people in them. We aim to foster an authentic sense of belonging among our residents. This approach helps us to attract and retain the best residents, delivering a better results for hundreds of home owners who use our services.

Enhancing liveability
for all Kiwis.

Haven is a group of locally-owned property services companies. Our four business units work in unison with the goal of enhancing livability for all Kiwis. 

Our business was formed in 2011 to address the city’s burgeoning rental market. Haven is the result of an amalgamation between Charta Income Fund and Walker Weir Property Management. 

Haven manages hundreds of properties across Auckland for private investors. We work as partners with our home owners to ensure your property goals are achieved. And we support residents to create an outstanding rental experience. Our team applies knowledge, relationships, and processes, refined over many years of service.

We also provide asset management and realty services for large-scale residential developments. We develop properties for investors and first home buyers through the KiwiBuild program. We build social housing for the New Zealand Government and Community Housing Providers (CHPs). And we enjoy working with some of the best private developers across the country.

Our Business Units

Haven Living manages hundreds of residential rental properties across Auckland. Our team find residents to rent homes and manages tenancies. We take care of property maintenance. And we help to ensure investments are optimised, while ensuring an outstanding experience for our residents.
Haven Realty is our real estate agency, helping investors buy and sell quality investment properties. We are a team of licensed real estate agents with a deep domain experience in New Zealand’s residential rental sector.
Haven Capital helps to accelerate social, community and affordable housing availability by accessing private capital, supported by public funding. Our work contributes meaningfully to society by funding residential accommodation in high-demand locations, ultimately improving liveability for New Zealanders.
Haven Property is our real estate development business. We work to meet New Zealand’s housing demand with a focus on social, community and affordable housing. We’re also working to develop quality build-to-rent properties across the country.  

Our people

Kerry Hitchcock

Founder and Director

Haven Group

Alex Hitchcock


Haven Living

TK Kerr

General Manager

Haven Living

Arvind Daji

Senior Property Manager

Haven Living

Zoey Linawati

Property Manager

Haven Living

Stephanie Kelland

Sales Manager

Haven Realty

Catherine Zhang

Accounts Manager

Haven Group

Varsha Narayan

Administration Manager

Haven Group

Bryony Key

Property Manager

Haven Group

Interest in a career with Haven?

If you’re motivated, eager to succeed and passionate about property, we’d like to hear from you. Please email us your resume or LinkedIn profile with a cover note. 


Growth through acquisition.

We’re always on the lookout to expand our operations and acquire new portfolios. If you own a property management business or real estate agency and are considering selling your rent roll, we want to hear from you.

Acquisitions are an important part of our business. Buying existing rent rolls, small and large, have helped us grow into a market-leading property services company.

There are many reasons why you might consider divesting your rent roll, such as retirement, freeing up capital or refocusing your business. Haven has the resources to successfully on-board and integrate rental management portfolios and people.

If you would like to discuss the sale of your property management business, please get in touch with
Alex Hitchcock, General Manager of Haven Living.

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Calling all builders
and developers.

Haven has a long history of working with developers and supporting the sale of investment properties. 

We work with you to appraise the homes in your development for rental. Our team can help you develop a rental guarantee to support the sale of properties to investors. Our licensed sales team in Haven Realty can market and sell these properties for you. We have a substantial network of investors, looking for high quality, new-build assets to add to their portfolios.

Get in touch today for a free appraisal and to talk with
our expert team.

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Agent Partner program.

Explore the benefits of becoming an Agent Partner with Haven. 

We partner with real estate agents to help provide owners with a great property management experience. By referring your clients to Haven, they’ll receive an instant discount on property management services along with several exclusive benefits. 

As an agent, when you partner with Haven, we provide a complete platform that combines technology and trusted local management experts in the Auckland region. We can work with you to help your clients build their real estate portfolio, partnering with you every step of the way.

Rewarding for your clients

• Quality residents and low delinquency rates
• Transparent, low pricing
• Fast responses within the same business day
• Access to smart property management technology
• Easy approvals and real-time reporting
• Guarantees against loss of income and eviction costs
• Lease efficiently with complete listing support

Rewarding for you

• Access to high-quality demand for your listings
• Dedicated Agent Partner property manager
• Enhanced client retention

Haven helps you retain your clients. We’ll notify your office when they’re ready to sell and refer listings back you without delay.

Agent Partner referrals are easy. Simply complete the form below. We’ll get in touch to discuss your client’s needs. We’ll then work with your client and notify you when service begins. 

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