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Get your free rental appraisal.

Let Haven help you take the stress out of owning rentals and increase your earnings. We'll start with a free rental appraisal for your property.

Managing your
property with Haven.

Haven is a leading residential property management company specialising in the Auckland region. We’ve been operating for over 15 years and manage hundreds of homes, from Orewa to Drury.

We take the hassle out of property management so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of being an investor. 

Property investing has become more complicated in recent years. New legislation, such as Healthy Homes, and compliance can be a minefield. Making mistakes can become expensive. Let our team of experts deal with the details and eliminate the stress. We’ll minimise your risk and maximise return. 

Our property managers and maintenance technicians work hard to ensure residents have a great rental experience. From showings to inspections, move-ins, repairs, rent collection, landscaping, and more. 

As an owner, you have visibility across all communications and full control over spend. What’s more, our expansive network of partners means we can pass our savings on to you, improving investment performance. 

Our process


Introduce us to your property and we’ll send you a free rental appraisal.


We'll agree the rent and sign a Property Management Authority.


If needed, our team will arrange any maintenance or upgrades so your property is market-ready.


We'll take professional photos and make your place instagrammable!


Haven will market your property to attract the best possible residents.


We'll handle the enquiries, tours and showings.


We'll find quality residents who love your property.


They'll be fully vetted and guaranteed by Haven.


We'll assist with the move-in and ensure your residents feel at home.


We handle all service requests and ensure your property is well-maintained.


You can sit back and receive rental payments from Haven twice a month.

We treat your property
as we do our own.

We’re real estate investors too. At Haven, we understand your concerns about residents, property damage and legal compliance. 

We know that vacancies negatively impact your bottom line. When you work with Haven, you can sit back and relax. We’ll manage your investment the same way we manage our own investments. 

Our personal and professional approach to property management protects and promotes the value of your rental asset. We handle all service requests from residents and our technicians carry out quality repairs maintenance at an affordable price. 

Whether you’re a first-time real estate investor or seasoned professional, we can manage your rental properties. No matter what your investment goals are, we want to help you earn more and worry less. 

full service management

We think like investors and align our services with your best interests. Haven understands that trust is not implied. It is earned. 

We’re on a mission to build the create property management experience. We’re real-world property investors ourselves and we believe that combining great people with smart technology delivers value for everyone. 

We attract and retain the best residents.

Payment delays? We’ve got you. If a Haven-placed resident misses a payment, we’ll cover up to four weeks rent, so you can keep receiving your rent on time.


Haven will find you residents quickly so you can start earning sooner. 


Within 4 business hours
for owners and 8 business
hours for residents. 


We pride ourselves on attracting and vetting the best residents 


We have less than 2% delinquency amongst our residents community. 


Our residents consistently score us highly in
satisfaction surveys. 


Most of our owners say
they’d recommend Haven to friends or family. 

We operate

We manage hundreds of homes, right across the Auckland region. From Franklin to Rodney and everywhere in-between, Haven has New Zealand’s biggest city covered. 

Talk to one of our expert property managers today to discuss your property needs and receive a free appraisal.

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Switching to
Haven is easy

Breaking up is easy! If you’re unhappy with your current property manager, switch over to Haven and we’ll manage the process for you. Leave the tricky stuff to us so you can focus on doing the things that you enjoy. 

Generally speaking, a property management authority or agency agreement doesn’t lock you in for the term of your residents’ lease. All you have to do is fill out our change of Property Management Authority and Termination Form. We’ll respectfully deal with your current property manager or property management company. 

In the unlikely event that your manager has written a notice periods into their contract, Haven will negotiate to acquire your remaining notice period. 

So, if you’re less than thrilled with the service of your property manager, make the switch to Haven – we promise you won’t look back! 

Switch Now

Body corporate management.

At Haven, our Body Corporate Services team offers management solutions that are second to none. In fact, we’ve been helping communities thrive with body corporates for nearly two decades. 

Our corporate professionals provide expert guidance to owners and committees across residential and mixed-use properties. We use our broad skills, years of experience, and strength of network to ensures your properties are managed to the highest possible standard. 

It’s true, for owners, managing a body corporate can be challenging. The requirements are complicated, the regulatory environment is changing, and administration can become overwhelming. 

Placing your body corporate management with Haven means your asset is handled with personal care, daily attention, and a long-term goal to protect and maintain the value of your properties. 

Existing Body

We'll send you a complete outline of the services we will provide. You'll learn about our administration fee and receive a comprehensive breakdown of costs. We'll present you with a team to manage every aspect of the body corporate. And we'll step you through our transition process.

Get a Free Body Corporate Proposal

New Property

We provide an end-to-end solution for developers, partnering with you from the start of your project. We'll explain how to establish an effective body corporate. Our team will help you prepare documents during the development phase. And we'll even provide free advice to ensure you're on the right track from day one.

Get a Free Developer Proposal

Looking for new

Our licenced real estate team are always working with developers and bringing new investment properties to market.

There are dozens of opportunities across the region to take advantage of new builds and the associated tax exemption benefits.

Likewise, through our vast network of investors, we often help to sell down rental properties when the time comes to divest. These properties are typically managed by Haven, are well-maintained and ideally suited to the rental marketplace.

If you're looking to add new properties to your portfolio, or sell an existing property through our network, talk to one of our expert real estate agents today.

Property Sales

Get Your Free Rental Appraisal.

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Frequently asked

What's involved if I wanted to list my property for sale?

Your property manager can arrange an appraisal and subsequent listing of the property for sale through our licensed real estate agency, Haven Realty. We have a great team of high-performing, knowledgeable agents at your service. If your property has residents in place, we will ensure this process is handled with all necessary care. Our responsibility is to ensure the interests of both you and your residents are safeguarded. Firstly, residents we must be notified in writing that the property will be listed for sale. Once it’s sold, if the term of the existing tenancy is periodic, and the sale is subject to vacant possession, we will issue the resident with 90-days notice to vacate, once the sale becomes unconditional. And we will help your residents find a new home.

How can I determine the potential rent value of my property?

You can speak with a Haven property manager via email: Request a rental appraisal from us via the owners page, or check out the most recent market data via our Resources page.

I would like Haven to manage my property.

You can trust Haven to take good care of your property. Start by contacting a property manager so we can go over the services we offer and how our fees work via email: Once you've decided to work with us as your property manager, we will give you a Property Management Authority and get our services underway.

What will the price of your property management service be?

Please contact us for information on our competitive property management fees. You can email us at or call us on 09 303 4926. Typically, management fees are tax deductible.

Does Haven provide a rental guarantee?

Yes. If a Haven-placed resident misses a payment, we’ll cover up to four weeks’ rent, so you can keep receiving your payments on time. Talk to your property manager for more information, terms, and conditions.

What costs are involved with advertising and letting my property?

We charge one week’s rent plus GST for resident placement. This includes all standard letting costs; advertising and marketing activity, time for viewings, administration, screening, credit checks and entry inspection.

Will I be charged if the property is vacant?

No. You will not be charged.

How often will I be paid?

You’ll be paid rent twice a month. The first payment will arrive in your bank account on the first business day of each calendar month. A second payment will arrive on the 15th of each month, or the next business day, should the 15th falls on a weekend or public holiday. You’ll receive your rent payments from Haven Living Limited.

How do you screen potential applicants?

We ask for current and previous property owner (landlord) details, employment references, and we ask for a further two character references. Our team also completes credit checks and background checks, including through the Ministry of Justice and any previous Tenancy Tribunal activity.

Do you collect a bond?

Yes. Haven is required to take a bond. Under the Residential Tenancies Act, no more than four weeks bond can be collected. At Haven, we typically require four weeks bond for your property. The bond is paid before the resident takes possession and held by Tenancy Services until they vacate.

How frequently will you be inspecting my property?

Our managers complete routine inspections at regular intervals throughout the year, at least 3 times per year. Additionally, a thorough entry and exit inspection is completed at the commencement and end of every resident’s tenancy. Please note, we cannot legally inspect any more than once a month. If we find any breach during a routine inspection, we will re-inspect within 14 days and continue to do so until the issue is rectified.